PDFD designs and offers a full range of freeze drying equipment from pilot size models to large industrial scale production - from 5.5kg up to 4,000kg ice capacity. There are mainly two heating method of Conduction or Radiation, depending on different materials.

The freeze dryer can be built either in all stainless steel for highly hygienic applications, or carbon steel for a more cost-effective solution, despite the fact that our price is already competitive compared with the other players. Another advantage of us is the delivery lead time, which is only about 2-4 months.
We offer full support to our customers with a complete package of installation, start-up and training at the user’s site with small extra cost, which saves greatly the trouble for the customers and ensures that our knowledge is delivered to them.


Chambers are built according to the standard of pressurized vessel with proper test for air tightness. There are external reinforced rings to achieve the sufficient strength. Construction material for product contact parts are all in stainless steel as the standard, but carbon steel is also applied as per the customer request to save the budget.
Refrigeration system is composed of screw compressor, cooler, evaporator and other accessories, to perform as the cooling source for the whole freeze drying system. Screw compressors of European or USA brand are used as the standard for all PDFD freeze dryers to ensure high reliability and long duty life.
Heat plates (Shelves) are built in either aluminium alloy or stainless steel (304, 316L, or others). GLZ models have the heat plates installed in the middle of the chamber for heating and cooling in Conduction mode, while they are installed at both sides in the chamber for CJS models for heating in Radiation mode.
Vacuum system usually consists of primary pump and maintaining pump. Different types of vacuum pumps are used such as roots pump, water ring pump and plunger pump. Vacuum degree is automatically controlled by the computerized program to ensure the vacuum consistency.
Trays can be built in either aluminium alloy or stainless steel. Trolley is built in stainless steel and can be moved either with wheels on the ground or with rollers on the overhead rail.
Circulating system is used to deliver the heating medium from the heat exchanger to the heat plates (shelves) and then back, in order to heat or cool the shelves and maintain the accurate temperature in the chamber thus for the product. The heating or cooling process is controlled by program.
Vapor condenser (or Cold-trap) is to catch the vapor from the product when it is heated in the chamber. It can be installed either at the rear side of the chamber, or separately mounted to flexibly fitted into the customer’s space. Coils of the vapor condenser is built in carbon steel or stainless steel and are put to the 16bar pressure test.
PDFD offers a user-friendly computerized operation system to monitor and control the freeze drying system, with individual display of different sub-system, alarming and error logging, selection and storage of customized programs, remote control and online diagnosis.