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freeze drying
Our pilot-size Freeze Dryer includes the models of GLZ-10, GLZ-15, GLZ-25, with the usable shelf area of 10-20 square meters, and ice capacity of max. 200-400 kg per batch.

Freeze Dryers with smaller capacity are also available. Please contact us  with an inquiry.

GLZ models are heated in Conduction mode. Trays are placed with direct contact on the heat plates (shelves) with high heat-exchange rate. The Conduction mode is applied for the liquid products or solid products with high bulk density.

Features & Options:

  • Chamber is built as a standard in All Stainless Steel for high hygiene.

  • Direct contact with the heat plates for high efficiency of heating/cooling

  • Heat plates built in either aluminum alloy or stainless steel

  • Highest quality refrigerator system by the renowned European/USA supplier

  • No extra IQF (individual quick freezing) room is required.

  • User-friendly computerized control system requires less for the workers.
Pilot-size Specification (GLZ)


freeze dryer
freeze dryer
freeze dryer